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Control and Flight Dynamics Engineer

About Me

I've always been inspired by flying vehicles and, found myself passionated about the science behind flying and building and controlling machines that can fly. Whether it is an airplane or an UAV or MAV. During my education and also after my graduation, I've had pretty good chances to get involved in designing and building a few numbers of UAVs and drones with diverse applications. My field of interests and experience covers automation, control, design, dynamic simulation, system modeling and implemation of these machines and other similar robots. In this website, you can find some projects which I've had the opportunity to be a part of them that helped me gain more experience and knowledge in mentioned fields. For further information please send me a message in contact section.


  • Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering, Control & Flight Dynamics 2014 - 2017

    • Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic), Tehran, Iran
      Thesis: "Formation Flight of Two Quadrotors to Pick Up An Object"
      Supervisor: Dr. Abolghasem Naghash
      Overall GPA: 3.18/4

    Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering 2010 - 2014

    • Islamic Azad University Science and Research Branch, Tehran, Iran
      Thesis: "Flight Dynamics Modeling and Stability Analysis of a Single Wing Monocopter"
      Supervisor: Dr. Seid Hossein Pourtakdoust
      Last two years GPA: 3.6/4
      Overall GPA: 3.3/4

    • Robotics
    • Automation and Control
    • Controller Design
    • Micro Aerial Vehicle
    • System Modeling

    • First Place Award in International Micro Aerial Vehicle Competition and Conference (IMAV) 2017 in Virtual Challenge Field, as a member of AUTMAV team, Toulouse, France
    • Best Performance Award in International Micro Aerial Vehicle Competition and Conference (IMAV), as a member of AUTMAV team, Beijing, China 2016
    • Ranked within the top 5% among almost 4000 participants in Iranian university entrance exam 2014 for Master's degree in aerospace engineering 2014
    • Safety Award in The Third National Innovative UAV Design Competition (IUDC),as a member of SEPEHR team,Tehran, Iran 2012
    • Ranked within the top 3% among more than 320,000 participants in Iranian university entrance exam for bachelor's degree 2010

    • Vista Turbine, 2019 -Present

    • Design and R&D Engineer Tehran
      • Headed flight controller design team
      • Designed and developed a flight controller for a VTOL UAV specialized for aerial post service
      • Integrated team members into projects challenges
      • Conceptually Designed a four-passenger VTOL air taxi, as a member of the design team
    • AUTMAV Lab, Amirkabir University of Technology 2014-2017

    • Researcher Tehran
      • Developed a path generator algorithm and a controller for a cooperative flying system
      • Designed and implemented a multirotor capable of water sampling
      • Cooperated as the technical supervisor and the head referee of Aerial Robots League in 7th National Aerospace Competition

    • A. Rajaeizadeh, A. Naghash, and A. Mohamadifard, "Cooperative Aerial Payload Transportation Using Two Quadrotors" in International Micro Air Vehicle Conference and Flight Competition 2017, Toulouse, France, 2017, p. 73-80

    • 18th International Conference of Iranian Aerospace Society, Tehran, Iran 2020
    • International Micro Air Vehicle Conference(IMAV), Toulouse, France 2017
    • International Micro Air Vehicle Conference(IMAV), Aachen, Germany 2015

    • M.SC., Student 2014 - 2017

      • Path planning using The Genetic Algorithm for a fixed wing UAV
      • 6 DOF dynamic modeling and simulation of an airplane
      • Modeling and simulation of a satellite with severe presence of noises and radiations
    • B.SC., Student 2010 - 2014

      • Design a 2-seater light airplane as a member of the design team
      • Design and building 2 fixed wing UAVs
      • AS/EN 9100- Aerospace Quality Management Standards

    • Computer Skills: MATLAB, Python, SolidWorks, AAA, XFOIL, Profili
    • Language Skills: DET 125 equivalent to TOEFL iBT 105 and basic knowledge in French and Spanish

    • Amirkabir University of Technology Micro Aerial Vehicle (AUTMAV) Team 2014 - Present
    • Iranian Aerospace Society (IAS) 2012 - Present

    • Badminton, Hiking, Meditation, Teamwork , Leadership, Programming, Reading books

    • Available upon request


Cooperative Aerial Payload Transportation Using Two Quadrotors

A. Rajaeizadeh, A. Naghash, and A. Mohamadifard.
In International Micro Air Vehicle Conference and Flight Competition 2017, Toulouse, France, 2017, p. 73-80.


In this paper, we consider the problem of con- trolling multiple quadrotors fastened to a payload and cooperatively transport it in 3 dimensions. We model the quadrotors as a group rigidly attached to a payload. Then we develop the equations of motion of this rigid system. We propose a rigid-body formation system controller based on LQR method as well as a Paparazzi-based guidance scheme for the payload mission trajectory. Also a PD controller is developed and its results are compared with the main controller's results. A simulation study with two quadrotors cooperatively stabilizing, and transporting a payload along two differ- ent desired three-dimensional trajectories is presented.


Aircraft Design
Aicraft Design


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